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Funsie Onesies

Whether it is just because it makes us feel like babies again, or because we are too damn lazy to put on a shirt, slippers AND pants, the ‘Onesie’ has been the go-to bedtime outfit for ALL ages over the past two years.


Obviously, kids look adorable in them and us adults just look ridiculous, but we love it.
They are warm, they are comfortable, and come in an array of materials and styles.
You can even dress yourself up like an animal if you want to, with many onesies now complete with a hood with ears, and a bum with tails.

Animal Onesies Image: Google

Animal Onesies
Image: Google

But of course, something need to be said about why adults are so keen on onesies.
Is it because we like to be reminded of a time of innocence?
Much like playing with a toy from our childhood, it brings back all sorts of nostalgic feelings and as humans, we respond positively to it.

One thing is for sure though,  there needs to be a boundary. While it is socially acceptable to bring your baby or child out in public, rocking a onesie perhaps those of us over the age of 4 should leave ours at home.
But most people don’t seem to mind grown men and women walking the streets in their bedtime jumpsuits!
It must be our new “Sunday Best”.

George Costanza once said “If it was socially acceptable, I would drape myself in velvet,”
Well George, in 2014, it is socially acceptable to wear a full velvet onesie.
You have our blessing.